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From Prison to Paralegalⓒ

From Prison to Paralegalⓒ

From Prison to ParalegalⓒFrom Prison to ParalegalⓒFrom Prison to Paralegalⓒ

A Recidivism Reduction Program

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Inside Scoop with Kelly Hebron , Esq.

Catherine's guest on Inside Scoop on FPA is Kelly Hebron, founder of From Prison to Paralegal. They discussed the organization's program that offers formerly incarcerated individuals a path to a professional career via training to become paralegals. Check out the segment with Mohammed H., a graduate of the program.

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Program Overview

The “From Prison to Paralegal” project is a special project of A Rising Tide Academy, an online paralegal training program.  Students receive college level instruction  via distant learning in 14 paralegal courses. The program concludes with a 90 day internship.  If you are interested in offering an internship or are looking to hire a paralegal, please complete the employer form here.  


The Curriculum

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with A Rising Tide Academy to provide this distant learning program. The program is designed to get you to the finish line in as little as 8 months.  Succesfully completing the 14 courses offered in the program satisfies the 900 clock hours required to sit for the certified paralegal exam.  We offer internships and job placement assistance in the D.C. area.  We don't want to just train you.  We want to help you get a new viable job! 


For Employers

There is a tax incentive for businesses to hire the ex-offenders.  Business who hire ex-felons within one year after they are convicted or released from prison may qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit  This tax credit gives employers a maximum of $9,600 for each adult hired.  By offering an unpaid internship, employers are able to train potential new employees at a significant reduced cost.  If you are interested in offering an internship or looking to hire a paralegal, please complete the employer form here.


How many hours are required for the internship?  None. The program does not require a minimum number of hours for the internship.  We hope each intern placement is able to offer  a minimum of 10 hours each week for a 90 day period.  We recognize the need will vary for each office and we remain flexible with the number of hours scheduled for each intern.

Will the interns have research and writing samples to provide to potential employers? Yes. Each intern maintains a portfolio of their class work, homework assignments and exams completed during the training program.  We use the same textbook and curriculum as many ABA approved paralegal training programs.  Copies of an intern's completed class assignments will be available for employers to review.

What type of employers is your program looking for internship placements?  Various.  We are looking for law firms, law libraries, non-profits, and government agencies for placement of interns.

What type of work duties  are expected for the interns?  The program provides an opportunity for participants to receive practical work experience and critical thinking skill development.  Under direct supervision, the intern may perform basic administrative, clerical and office support duties. 

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